Can I delay delivery to a later date?
Yes you can! You can buy now and we will deliver at a later date that you request, as long as it is between Monday and Friday. Just leave us a note in the delivery instructions field found in the cart and we will take care of it for you.

Does KidsCan receive money or the experience if I choose to donate my gift?
If you choose to donate to KidsCan instead of choosing an experience, just let us know at hello@minyandmo.co.nz quoting your gift card number. We will make a monetary donation on your behalf to KidsCan, that is the same value we pay our suppliers. Sharing the love is good for the soul.

Oops I’ve lost my Miny & Mo card – what can I do?
The best way to protect yourself in case you lose your Miny & Mo card is to register it online, then we will replace your gift card if it's lost or stolen.

If you haven't registered your card online we will replace it if:
1. The gift experience is still valid and has not been exchanged or used
2. Proof of purchase e.g. a receipt, order number, purchaser's full name and email address.
3. There is a $20 admin fee required to issue new cards.

What happens if my Miny & Mo experience expires?
You will have 12 months to use your gift card so we are sure you will find the time.

How do I use my Miny & Mo gift card?
Now this is the fun part! Once you’ve chosen the experience you like the most. Use the contact information included in the Miny & Mo Experience Detail card to book a day and time for your experience. Don’t forget to take along your Miny & Mo Experience Detail Card and especially your Eeny Meeny Miny Go gift card, because you’ll need to swipe the gift card through the EFTPOS terminal to pay.

How do I select a gift experience?
We've made choosing the perfect gift experience easy:
1. Select the price point that works for you.
2. Select the location that suits your recipient.
3. Select up to 10 experiences you think your recipient may like.
4. Go to cart and buy your box.
5. We'll send it out for you and your recipient will have the joy of selecting their favourite experience to do from the options you have sent them, perfect!

How many experiences can the recipient choose?
The gift recipient has the luxury of choosing the one experience they like the best. But don’t worry they’ll be spoilt for choice and can have up to 10 experiences to choose from.

How do I pay?
Payment is made via credit card. Currently we accept the following: Visa, MasterCard and Amex.

Do you do experiences throughout New Zealand?
Yes we do! We are available in the main centres throughout NZ and a few places in-between. We are constantly adding new experiences so follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest news as to where we are available.

Does Miny & Mo accept other currencies?
Not at this stage. All prices are charged in New Zealand dollars.