VIP Adventure Including 5 Awesome Rides for Three

If you’re a glutton for adventure, gorge yourself on a five-course feast of Roman Emperor proportions. Not only will you have your breath taken and your mind blown, but you can bring two adventurous mates along for the rides. Rev up in Agrojet’s super jet sprint experience, and Swoop towards the earth at 130kmph. Superhero yourself on the Southern Hemispheres’ only outdoor wind tunnel – Freefall Xtreme. Take a Bungy Jump of faith, and get a taste for speed on the world’s only Shweeb – a human powered monorail racetrack. Agroventures is the ultimate adventure experience for families, friends, couples, speed demons and adrenaline junkies, set in the idyllic Paradise Valley. The friendly, professional crew will pull out all the stops, to make your experience one you’ll never forget.

- This experience includes five activities at Agroventures for three people
- See our website for health & safety and booking conditions

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They will have 12 months in which to redeem their gift card for this awesome experience.