Nutrition Consultation with FoodSavvy

Forget those reality TV shows – now you can have your very own nutrition makeover with an expert dietitian. This experience includes a one-hour initial consultation, with useful resources and a personalised meal plan. Then, review your progress and reassess your goals during a follow up appointment. The friendly FoodSavvy folk are all about eating for optimum health and happiness. So whether you need to ace your sporting performance, knock a digestive issue on the head, or simply feel good from the inside out, here’s your golden opportunity. Started by Sarah Elliott in 2006, FoodSavvy is an experienced team of New Zealand Registered Dietitians dedicated to helping you get healthy and stay that way.

- This experience includes an initial 1hr consultation and one follow up session for one person
- Consultation can be in person or by phone/Skype
- You are welcome to bring a support person
- No cancellation charge if cancellation is received 24hrs prior to appointment

Your gift recipient will receive all the necessary booking information in their gift box to enable them to book directly with their chosen experience provider.
They will have 12 months in which to redeem their gift card for this awesome experience.