Drift Racing for two at Blastacars Drift Karts

Grab your trucker cap, and apply pedal to metal, to experience the fastest fun in Hamilton. This bordering-on-insane experience includes 15 hard out minutes of drift kart racing for two, at the original; Blastacars Drift Karts. The adrenaline-fuelled battle is on in Blastacars’ Standard speed 9.0 horsepower, 270cc custom-built karts designed and safely kitted out for taking you not just forwards but fully sideways. You’ll be roaring around a track and aiming to vanquish up to 12 opponents, if you choose to visit at the weekends. After the race, get the heart rate back to (almost) normal in the games room by playing a selection of arcade games.

- This experience includes a 15-minute race on our 9.0hp standad speed karts for two people plus 50% passes for next time
- Minimum age requirment is 8 years old
- Drivers must wear covered shoes to race
- Bookings are essential
- Valid for Blastacars Hamilton only and excludes our West Auckland track

Your gift recipient will receive all the necessary booking information in their gift box to enable them to book directly with their chosen experience provider.
They will have 12 months in which to redeem their gift card for this awesome experience.